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Manufacturing business subsystem

Subsystem for support of a production process is built out of more program packages in Orkester, which is he allowing, that we start simpler support and we are developing her in direction in time, that the best is giving results. Production subsystem contains tools, that are ensuring recording of all events, which the majority of data are written down in place at, where they occur.

1st preparing of production documentation

Within every production activity, but it is recommendable above all to support at least basic, normative level of production at production of equal or related products (of bill of materials - recipe and technological procedures – of operation) and calling of work orders for production of products based on plan or actual sales orders. Recommendable information support of the estimated calculations for calculation of foreseen cost price besides, that are scooping also correction factors for coverings up next to norms and foreseen costs of tools and decisions are ensuring key data for sales decisions like  this thus consequentially, we will be producing something.

2nd monitoring of production and clearance

We comprise actual data on amount and kind of produced products, used-up materials and semi finished good in frame of monitoring of production at realization of work order and we write down data about direct work after working operations. We provide information for clearance of production and comparison with the estimated calculations like this, that we find out, if we were successful at production, base can just be for sales and production decisions. Information support in every production company is recommendable, above all at large number of different products and where size of series influences cost price important.

3rd planning of production

At the introduction of complete support productions including planning and terminiranjem (time classification) can productionensures of important information to other business processes: let he be buying sale of information on a delivery time, purchase,materials, sometimes, alarm to direction, if he can't be spanned bottleneck. 

Planning and terminiranje are needed above all within production, where they have morer (substantively and quantitatively) different orders within a certain time period, and can ordered produce on different lines ( technological positions). It is high level ofinformation support, therefore there is no simple answer, information support makes sense sometimes. Those fields eat their fillas a rule preferentially at introduction, that influence easily elementarily on enlargement of revenues, if e.g. bottlenecks aremaking a reduction impossible. He must assess together with a client, where and kaj we will gain ( the reduction of costs ofpurchase and of supplies, of costs of work), and this to collate with inserted.  

Also special solutions for direction of service industry are available as there are service work orders, that meddle in on field offewer predictable events, they are allowing still larger adjustability and possibility to take care of party behind worktable or onground.



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